Extreme Flush – Jet Ski Flush – Twin Pack


Product Description

 Salt destroying and PH neutralising solution

 Removes all traces of corrosive deposits

 Use to flush out the cooling system, the intercooler, engine bay and exhaust systems.

 Flush away algae or weed that blocks your vital cooling lines.

 Use after every ride, even after fresh water use.

 Premium Grade and highly concentrated – Designed specifically for Jet Skis

Extreme Flush has been developed to produce the worlds best Jet Ski Engine Flushing system.

There is a higher level of active ingredients than the older brands and far less blue dye. The detergent levels are drastically reduced as well as they are made from salt.

A metal cleaning component is added to ensure you a crystal clean engine, exhaust and intercooler with a minimum fuss. Just distribute directly into an empty hose using the measure on the bottle and flush for 30 seconds for a perfect result. 

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Suitable for all Jet Skis brand comp600


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