Extreme Gleam – Jet Ski Polish – Twin Pack


Product Description

Extreme Gleam – Professional Grade Jet Ski Polish

  • Premium blend of polymers, resins and ultra high melting point waxesExtreme Gleam Image processed 450w
  • Protects the  Jet Ski from the harsh effects of salt and sun exposure
  • Conditions the colour and creates a sparkling showroom finish
  • Simple spray bottle for no fuss application
  • Jet Ski will wash off easily after treatment
  • Australian Made
  • Biodegradable
  • Specifically designed for Jet Skis

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Protect the brand new showroom shine of your Jet Ski with Extreme Gleam – Professional Grade Jet Ski Polish.


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Suitable for all Jet Skis brand comp600


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  • 012 Jet Ski TV
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