Extreme Clean – Jet Ski Wash

 Designed to wash your Jet Ski and protect it from corrosion

Specifically designed for  use on Jet Skis
Inhibits rust and corrosion and provides residual protection in vulnerable areas such as the pump,  storage and dashboard
Removes Salt Residue

Extreme Gleam – Professional Grade Jet Ski Polish

 Designed to make your Jet Ski Shine
& protect it from Sun damage.


Premium blend of polymers, resins and ultra high melting point waxes for maximum paint protection

Protects the  Jet Ski from the harsh effects of

Extreme Condition – Jet Ski Conditioner

 Designed to keep all the surfaces of your Jet Ski like new.

Ideal for hulls, Vinyl Decals, bumpers, fittings and Race Numbers.


Protects all surfaces of the Jet Ski fading and deterioration
Specifically designed for use in harsh Jet Ski

Extreme Fresh – Jet Ski Wetsuit Wash

Designed to keep your Gear Fresh Bright &  New


 Extreme Fresh – Premium Grade Jet Ski Wetsuit Wash

Designed for cleaning, conditioning and maintaining Jet Ski riding gear

 Removes salt, chlorine, bacteria and unwanted odours

Place all Wetsuits, Tour

Extreme Tow – Jet Ski Tow Vehicle Wash and Wax

Designed to keep your Car Protected
and free from Salt 

As the old saying goes, “protect the tow vehicle first”.

Without a vehicle to tow, there isn’t going to be much riding so we set about creating

Extreme Flush –  Premium Grade Jet Ski Flush

 Designed to flush your Jet Ski free from Salt


 Salt destroying and PH neutralising solution
Removes all traces of corrosive deposits
Use to flush out the cooling system, the intercooler, engine bay and exhaust systems.
Flush away algae or

 JetSki.XXX – Extreme Proof™

Viscosity Index Booster and Oil Water Proofer

JetSki.XXX- Extreme Proof Brochure 


JetSki.XXX Extreme Proof – Viscosity Index Booster & Oil Water Proofer has a high viscosity index which improves the lubrication properties of conventional oils, especially when

Extreme Hold

JetSki.XXX – Extreme Hold: Jet Ski side lifters.


Footholds (side lifter) pair.

Designed for racing and extreme recreational riding.

Marine grade 60mm high x 50mm wide x 620mm long 

Clean the hull thoroughly to remove all wax and oils before

Extreme Performance 2

Extreme Performance Jet Ski 2 Stroke Oil


Premium Grade
Fully Synthetic JASO FD
Advance lubricant technology to protect your engine and maintain performance
Very low smoke and ash extending spark plug life
Formulated specifically for use in Jet Skis
Meets or

JetSki.XXX Product Brochure


Please click here for the 2018 JetSki.XXX Brochure –  JetSki.XXX Brochure 2020 web

For a detailed brochure of the Oil Water Proofer please click here – JetSki.XXX- Extreme Proof 


JetSki.XXX – Product Distributor

Just pour your Extreme Clean (Jet Skis) Extreme Tow (Cars) or Extreme Fresh (Wetsuits and gear) into the distributor bottle and hook up to the hose.

Always use on the lowest setting (1) and you’ll wash

Jet Ski Best Practices

Welcome to the most exhilarating water sport in the world!

Jet Ski Best Practices – A guide for new riders


Jet Ski Best Practices is a guide for new riders. It covers an in depth explanation of

Unicorn the Magical Jet Ski – “Lets find Rex”


“Let’s Find Rex” is the first adventure when one of Unicorns best friends go missing and they all set out on an

awesome adventure to look for him.

The voyagers find themselves in lots of trouble when they go

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