JetSki.XXX – Extreme Proof™

Viscosity Index Booster and Oil Water Proofer

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JetSki.XXX Extreme Proof – Viscosity Index Booster & Oil Water Proofer has a high viscosity index which improves the lubrication properties of conventional oils, especially when contaminated by water.

  • It reduces wear and power loss due to friction, heat generation and gum varnish build up.
  • It prevents the loss of oil via air breathers from frothing if water is ingested and preserves the lubrication and protection of the oil at 95% effectiveness with up to 50% water in oil.

 ‘Make sure you get back to the ramp’


JetSki.XXX Extreme Proof – Viscosity Index Booster and Oil Water Proofer ™

 Maintains lubricant integrity with up to 50% water ingress. At a level of up to 50% water ingress the oil suffers only a 5% efficiency loss.
  • Cushions and seals all moving components, preventing metal-to-metal contact.
  • The adhesive nature stops run off from moving parts after shutdown. This provides a significant benefit to Turbos and Superchargers which keep spinning after the engine and oil pump shutdown. Note there is no Turbo Timer on Skis.
  • Prevents cold dry starts which cause the most wear.
  • Reduces oil consumption in older motors by cleaning gums, varnishes and resins from all oiled surfaces, especially in the ring groove, allowing rings to seal properly with increased surface tension.
  • Reduces blow-by therefore increases compression.
  • Increases oil pressure and decreases time from start-up to when full oil pressure is achieved.
  • Reduces heat and therefore wear.
  • Fortifies oil against contamination from blow-by from the combustion chamber.
  • Reduces unnecessary and costly repairs due to water ingress
  • Stops foaming and frothing caused by water ingress
  • Stops oil expulsion through air breathers after water ingress resulting in permanent seizure
  • Reduces corrosion and protects or ‘Mothballs’ your Jet Ski while in storage
  • Increases the “quality of life” of your engine oil.



When water enters oil it causes frothing which allows the oil to be expelled via the air breathers. It happens automatically if the engine accidentally ingests water while being operated.

  • This characteristic of Extreme Proof and its ability to maintain lubrication when severely water contaminated not only reduces severe wear but can be the difference between continued efficient operation with the Jet Ski OR complete failure (which would normally occur with even modest amounts of water ingress within minutes).
  • Should such a failure occur in a remote location e.g. off shore, Extreme Proof could be the difference between no negative effects or serious damage and being adrift at Sea.
  • Our trademark blue colour indicates JetSki.XXX – Extreme Proof is in the oil.  With water ingress the oil will turn pale blue to indicate that water is present however Extreme Proof will still provide up to 95% lubrication efficiency with no loss of oil from the air breathers
  • Extreme Proof adheres to the internal components of engines reducing oil starvation and providing a protective barrier between load surfaces. This increases compression by sealing metal surfaces and reducing component surface to surface wear.
  • Addition of Extreme Proof  to your oil cleans engines by dissolving the gums and resins which hold the deposits of carbon and/or varnish in place. It then holds them in suspension.
  • Extreme Proof can be mixed with any conventional 4 stroke oil suitable for use in Sea-Doo, Yamaha Kawasaki and other Jet Skis. The standard oil filters are still used.




JetSki.XXX Extreme Proof –  Viscosity Index Booster and Oil Water Proofer ™ is suitable for use in all 4 Stroke Jet Skis running mineral or synthetic oils.

Dilution with your usual oil is in the range of 10% – 50% depending on the severity of the operating conditions, temperatures reached, the age of the engine and potential risk of water ingress.

Pre-blend thoroughly before adding to the engine. The product is colloidal so once blended it will not drop out of the oil.

If oil is already in the engine induct extreme proof  slowly into a warm idling engine being cooled by a hose, test tank or in the water on a Trailer. Induct at 200ml per minute. Ensure adequate oil level before starting and don’t over fill.

Note: In cases of water ingestion always ensure all water and oil is drained from the engine including the upper cylinder area before replacing with fresh Oil and Extreme Proof.


Blend Indications:          Do not overfill past specification.     Do NOT use without oil dilution

New Jet Skis up to 100 hours with average recreational duty.     10- 20% Extreme Proof

Medium usage duty, 30% high duty, very high temps, over 100 hours.    20% – 40% Extreme Proof

Very Heavy Duty, High temperatures, Oil consumption, Blow by, Racing, High Boost Turbos or Superchargers, high hours, High risk of water ingress from Jumping and Surf riding.         40-50% Extreme Proof


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