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North Stradbroke Island adventure ride – July 2014


Jet Ski Club Adventure Ride – North Stradbroke Island, July 2014

Saturday July the 5th we set out from Jacobs Well to go around North Stradbroke Island.

The marine life was just awesome. We saw Whales Dugongs and Dolphins everywhere.

The Dolphins had an awesome time. They chased us just about all the way along Straddie jumping out of the water, squeeling and swimming under us.

It didn’t matter how much we steered away from them as far as they were concerned we were there for them to play with.

After we left I’m sure they jumped on Dolphin Book and mentioned how they found a pod of Jet Skis today,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As a Jetskier it doesn’t get much better than this day.

Read comments and see all the photos here.

Download the HD video here

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