Extreme Condition – Jet Ski Conditioner

 Designed to keep all the surfaces of your Jet Ski like new.

Ideal for hulls, Vinyl Decals, bumpers, fittings and Race Numbers.


  • Protects all surfaces of the Jet Ski fading and deterioration
  • Specifically designed for use in harsh Jet Ski environments
  • Dries into the surface, sealing in the color, protecting from UV rays to maximise condition
  • Reconditions after salt and sun exposure
  • Protects, conditions and enhances Jet Ski Decals, Racing Numbers and Stickers colour and gloss
  • Professional formula which brightens old and tired components back to life

  • Ideal for use between polishing to maintain the new look and feel of the Jet Ski.
  • Biodegradable


Directions for use

1. Wash Jet Ski with Extreme Clean Wash and dry all surfaces

2.  Simply spray Extreme Condition onto the area to be treated and wipe with a lint free cloth

3. Apply evenly to achieve a uniform finish to all surfaces.

5. Allow to dry for 30 minutes prior to riding.


Hints and Tips

Always wash and treat Jet Ski in a shaded area.

After drying surface may be buffed to enhance the gloss.

Porous or weathered surfaces may benefit from additional coats of conditioner.

Apply every few Rides between polishing to keep the color in the Hull, Decals, Racing Numbers and Plastic and Vinyl fittings.
Treated Seat2


Used and Recommended by;

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Suitable for all Jet Skis

brand comp600


bumper before   After Treatment

Untreated Seat     Treated Seat1     Treated Seat2

Seat after Riding1 Plastics after Riding half treated seat

Cam Seat Before   Cam Seat After

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