Extreme Flush –  Premium Grade Jet Ski Flush

 Designed to flush your Jet Ski free from Salt


  •  Salt destroying and PH neutralising solution
  • Removes all traces of corrosive deposits
  • Use to flush out the cooling system, the intercooler, engine bay and exhaust systems.
  • Flush away algae or weed that blocks your vital cooling lines.
  • Use after every ride, even after fresh water use.
  • Premium Grade – Designed specifically for Jet Skis

Extreme Flush has been developed to produce the worlds best Jet Ski Engine Flushing system.

There is a higher level of active ingredients than the older brands and far less blue dye. The detergent levels are drastically reduced as well as they are made from salt.

A metal cleaning component is added to ensure you a crystal clean engine, exhaust and intercooler with a minimum fuss. Just distribute directly into an empty hose using the measure on the bottle and flush for 1 minute & 30 seconds for a perfect result. 

1 litre    NET WT 33.8 FL/OZ

Directions For Use

  1. Slowly squeeze around 5oml of extreme flush into the end of an empty hose. There is a measuring cup included.
  2. Attach to the inlet adapter of the Ski and flush for around 2 minutes
  3. Turn off tap and blow out excess water
  4. Repeat with intercooler if it is on a second line e.g. Race Skis

Hints and Tips

Product does not need to run clear of foam and bubbles.

Mix a 10 to 1 solution into a spray bottle and mist over a cool engine bay before gently rinsing.

Take care not to induct liquid into the air intake or fuel breather. Ask your Service Agent where they are if unsure.

If you are not using Extreme Clean Jet Ski Wash or Extreme Tow Car wash add a little Extreme Flush  to your current product for a salt free finish.


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