Extreme Gleam – Professional Grade Jet Ski Polish

 Designed to make your Jet Ski Shine

& protect it from Sun damage.


  • Premium blend of polymers, resins and ultra high melting point waxes for maximum paint protection
  • Protects the  Jet Ski from the harsh effects of salt and sun exposure
  • Conditions the colour and creates a sparkling showroom finish
  • Simple spray bottle for no fuss application
  • Jet Ski will wash off easily after treatment
  • Australian Made
  • Biodegradable
  • Specifically designed for Jet Skis

Protect the brand new showroom shine of your Jet Ski with

Extreme Gleam – Professional Grade Jet Ski Polish.

Directions for use

1. Wash Jet Ski with Extreme Clean Wash and then dry off with a microfibre cloth

2. Shake bottle for 45 seconds to ensure uniform consistency before applying

3. Spray Extreme Gleam Jet Ski Polish onto the painted surfaces

4. Use a microfiber cloth to apply in a circular motion to surface. Ensure an even coverage is achieved.

5. Polish to a deep shine with a clean microfiber cloth.

Best results are achieved by dividing the Jet Ski into manageable sections.Faded left treated Right Side Mirrors

Hints and Tips

Always wash and treat Jet Ski in a shaded area.

Apply every few Rides to keep the paint looking like new

Use on chrome painted surfaces for brilliant shine.

Avoid treating the whole Jet Ski in one single application. Do one section at a time.

Enjoy the peace of mind of using a purpose designed product for Jet Skis

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Suitable for all Jet Skis

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