Extreme Tow – Jet Ski Tow Vehicle Wash and Wax

Designed to keep your Car Protected

and free from Salt 

As the old saying goes, “protect the tow vehicle first”.

Without a vehicle to tow, there isn’t going to be much riding so we set about creating a product to keep the corrosion at bay and maximise the shine while we’re at it.

Extreme Tow has been designed to remove, neutralise and add a layer of anti corrosion onto every surface of your tow vehicle and Trailer.

There is a very high concentration of polymers to make the paintwork bead like new.

It’s impossible to launch without exposing the underside of your Car to the salt and the Trailer has to take a dive so make sure you remove the nasties with extreme Tow.

Hints and Tips

Always wash Tow Car in a shaded area.

Rinse sponge well and often to remove dirt and avoid scratching. Rinse well including underneath.

Where time permits, leave it on for around 15 minutes and allow Extreme Tow to dry .

Using a product distributor run a sprinkler under the Car and pull from front to back.

Enjoy the peace of mind of a purpose designed product for Tow Vehicles in Marine use.JetSkiXXX Trailer2


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