Extreme Condition – Jet Ski Conditioner 2 for 1 Deal



Product Description

Extreme Condition – Jet Ski hulls, fittings, plastic and vinyl decals and race numbers.

Conditions, rejuvenates and protects.


  • Protects all plastic fittings, bumpers, vinyl and racing seat covers from fading and deterioration
  • Specifically designed for use in harsh Jet Ski environments
  • Dries into the surface, sealing in the color, protecting from UV rays to maximise condition
  • Reconditions after salt and sun exposure
  • Protects, conditions and enhances Jet Ski Decals, Racing Numbers and Stickers color and gloss
  • Professional formula which brings old and tired components back to life
  • Biodegradable
  • Australian Made

Use between polishing to maintain a new look and feel for your Jet Ski


  • 0 JetSki.XXX
  • 012 Jet Ski TV
  • 3a JSBP
  • 4bu
  • 6 Jet Ski Club
  • 7 Jet Ski Racing
  • 9 Jet Ski Events
  • JSBP