Extreme Hold – Footholds


Product Description

JetSki.XXX – Extreme Hold


  • Foothold (side lifter) pair.


  • Designed for racing and extreme recreational riding.


  • 60mm high x 50mm wide x 660mm long


  • Clean the hull thoroughly to remove all wax and oils before placing. Press down firmly.


  • Apply Extreme Holds onto the hull directly above the top of your riding boots all the way along the hull.


  • Seal with a bead of sikaflex where the footholds join to the hull.


  • Trim to shape and lightly sandpaper to suit


  • The adhesive backing will be at full strength after 48 hours.


  • For professional use only.


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Suitable for all Jet Skis brand comp600

  • 0 JetSki.XXX
  • 012 Jet Ski TV
  • 3a JSBP
  • 4bu
  • 6 Jet Ski Club
  • 7 Jet Ski Racing
  • 9 Jet Ski Events
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