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From: Matt (Green Hornet)

Country: Australia

Year Make and Model: Kawasaki Ultra 300X

Message: XXX Extreme Tow – Jet Ski Tow Vehicle Wash and Wax.

Well I don’t normally fill out these testimonial pages but I was truly astounded with this product.
No we have all washed our skis and cars and know that the usual process is, hose the car, sponge and bucket with detergent and then chamois dry the entire vehicle.
Now I have used countless different detergents from the cheapie to the not so cheapie. But it was always the same process.
Well I ran out of my usual car washing detergent recently and the only product I had available was the XXX Extreme Tow – Jet Ski Tow Vehicle Wash and Wax. It was given to me as a gift pack a long time ago and I had not even looked at it.
Well into the bucket of water the xxx goes. Washing the car as usual. I was in the shade but it was the middle of the day so nice and warm. After I had washed and rinsed off the soap I went looking for my chamois. Seems I had misplaced it… Ok my memory was bad and it was where I left it.
I went to wipe down the car when I noticed that a lot of the water had already evaporated. But what I also noticed was there was no water streaks like there usually is if you don’t wipe the water off with a chamois before it evaporates. So I decided to just leave the car to dry a little longer without wiping it down with the chamois.
Well after about another 20 mins all I could say was, OMG…. Really… No way…..
There were no water streaks or marks. Now my car is BLACK…. That should streak all the time but there were none.
I thought it must just have been some really good luck, so the next time I washed the car I did the same thing. Actually I think it had only been 3 or 4 days after I had washed it with the XXX for the first time. There was some road works and the road near my house was no longer tar but road base.
I was excited to see if this product really did work… Yep, could you believe that EXCITED to wash my car again….OMG.
I washed the car exactly the same with the XXX product again and guess what???? Yep no need to use the chamois.. No water spots or streaks. This was never heard of in my books.
WellyYesterday I washed my car again. The bucket was still half full once I had done my car so I washed my partners car too..
Two cars washed in 20 mins….. Now to watch and see…….
Yeeeeeessssssssssss…. awesome….. it does really work….No drying watermarks or streaks. No more chamois required. The cars look bloody fantastic and I even got kudos for doing her car too. (I will let her think I had to slog away with the chamois but that’s my seret….lol)
Am sort of kicking myself I did not open this product and try it when it was first given to me….Over a year ago…lol
XXX Extreme Tow – Jet Ski Tow Vehicle Wash and Wax. You have my vote.

Recommendation to others? Definitely



From: Guy, Australia

Year Make and Model   2013 YAMAHA FXHO

Message: Great service Great products love em.

Recommendation: Yep


From: Gavin, Australia

Year Make and Model   2011 Seadoo GTX 155

Message: Hi all , just used the jetski xxx wash , flush and the polish , the wash was the best result I had . The gleam the wash left was excellent and dried off great .

The flush seamed to foam up well but ran out and flushed through quite quickly , not sure if I used enough . The Polish applied easily and buffed off great and left the ski looking like new . I purchased the mega pak and highly recommend these products.

Recommendation: Yes I already have to close friends

Note from JetSki.XXX:  Great point Gavin. The Flush contains less than 10% detergent than other brands of flushing products. This is for 2 main reasons.

  1. Detergent is made from salt. There is no point in adding more than needed.
  2. The product should disperse in under 2 minutes as over flushing is really bad for Skis. There is no back pressure on the prop and cooling is compromised when they are on a trailer v’s in the water. Every brand (still in production) for the last 10 years has been tested to clear and be 100% salt free in under 2 minutes with our recommended induction method of using the hose. By comparison with just water, no Skis are salt free in under 2 minutes. testing was done with mains pressure on the Gold Coast, Australia which is very low.



John, Australia

Year Make and Model   2008 Yamaha FXHO

Message: I always wash my ski with with jet ski wash. It gives me peace of mind that my motor is being washed properly. I have never had a problem with corrosion and will continue to use jet ski wash. Thanks Mandy for your prompt delivery.

Recommendation: Yes


Travis,  Australia

Year Make and Model   2014 Yamaha SVHO Cruiser

Message: I’ve been pretty anal when it comes to washing my jetski…I have always wanted to keep them looking their best and in showroom condition when I hit the boat ramp.  In the past I thought that using a quality car wash (ie: meguires) would be the best to look after my pride and joy but I would always be disappointed when I was always left with water spots.  I took advantage of the fathers day discount for the jetski wash, conditioner and polish and after first application I can honestly say I will not be using anything else.  My baby looks brand new again.  Thanks and regards,


Recommendation: Hell yeah!


Tim,  Australia

Year Make and Model   ’09 SHO

Message: 135 hrs in 7 months including skiing Gold & Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Whitsundays and around Magnetic Island!

Recommendation: Yes, only!


David, Australia

Year Make and Model   2013 Seadoo GTR

Message: Recently purchased Extreme Flush and Wetsuit wash. Our riding gear now smells as good as it did when we first brought it.

We can also now rest assured that every time we flush we are offering the best protection we can get to our ski

Recommendation: I have and will continue to do so.


Greg, Australia

Year Make and Model   2014 Yamaha FZS

Message: Great value and easy to use. Ski still looks like new.

Recommendation: Yes


Brian,  Australia

Year Make and Model: 2008 Seadoo GTX

Message: I have been using the Jetski wash every time I use my ski, I find this product to be the best as other products I have used leave streak marks. After hosing off the wash, it leaves a clear shine and puts a coating on the ski, which causes the water to bead when wet. It also takes the the brown canal water stain off without any effort.

Recommend to others? Yes


Shane,  Australia

Year Make and Model: 2006 Yamaha fx160

Message: If you have ever had anything black before you would understand the headaches that come along with streaks and spots etc.
After using several different products I came across jetski.xxx
All of their products are great.
The Ski wash leaves minimal streaking and spots. After washing the ski polish is simple and easy to apply and polish off, leaving a beautiful shine.
I applied the conditioner to all the plastics and some of the dull sun damaged colours did improve and i think with some more reapplying and buffing would make an even better improvement.
The flush is a bit hard to tell if is doing much however the peace of mind knowing something is potentially reducing the wear of sea water is enough for me.

Recommend to others? yes most definitely


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